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We are a Digital Marketing Ad Agency providing support to clients in business who want to promote their products & services online.

Why Online Advertising?

Visibility: Thousands of books are published every day; therefore, you need audience to find your book. Today's modern day of business people are found to be spending more time shopping online. So, we should fish where the fishes are. We guarantee 24x7 visibility.

Our Guarantee

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Most never leave home without them. We guarantee that the websites we create are mobile friendly with turn around time of 30 business days to fulfill depending on the clients response to the materials needed. We also guarantee that if you can get calls or traffic to your website through our advertising packages, we will refund your Set up Fee and Management fee but not the Advertising Fee spent for Ads on Facebook.


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If you have you ever considered submitting your story to movie & tv producers for evaluation then Book-to-Screen service is what you definitely need in your book marketing strategy.

A Screenplay is a fully developed script that television and movie producers can use to determine if an adaptation of your book is something they want to produce. With a professionally adapted screenplay, you will let Hollywood know you’re serious about breaking into the entertainment business.

Make your story a movie or tv series by getting a film adaptation for your book through Bluconnectpro’s Book-to-Screen service. This service involves careful scrutiny of your material/script, analyzing its strengths and areas of improvement, and all factors that can make a book worthy of any possible movie/film adaptation. The careful study of your manuscript is done from its cover, title, character, storyline, and all other elements of creativity. Make your book a qualified material for prospective agents, movie producers, and film industries. Submit to us a copy of your manuscript today.


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